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Condo to Condo move for our busy executives!


Brief: to help our client’s transition smoothly into their new apartment. Our client wanted to take this opportunity to really make the new apartment feel complete which they never got around to doing with the last.


Spaces transformed: living, dining, kid’s bedrooms and master bedroom.

Services engaged: interior decorating and styling.

What we sourced: shoe cabinet, shelves, sideboard, mirrors, side tables, table lamps, throw pillows, throws, plants, accessories, bedding, and kid’s bedroom décor.

Bespoke soft furnishings: kid’s bedroom decor.

How we worked: we planned out the new spaces ensuring majority of the clients existing furnishings. This was followed by sourcing for new items to compliment the existing furnishings which really completed each space by bringing in layers of colour and textures.


Check out the pictures below!

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