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Sommerville Park



We helped newbies to Singapore get settled into their new apartment!

Brief: to reuse all the existing furniture our clients would be bringing over to Singapore and add on with the finishing touches that pull all the spaces together.


Spaces transformed: entry, living, dining, balcony, master bedroom and kids bedrooms.

Services engaged: interior decorating and styling.

What we sourced: rugs, artwork, mirrors, stool, kid’s bedroom furniture, kid’s bedroom décor, ceiling lights and accessories.

Feature Walls: our client really wanted to make the spaces their own and loves colour, so we went one step further and painted some feature wall colour in each room.

Bespoke soft furnishings: table runners and seat cushions.

How we worked: we started by working on the space planning to ensure that all the furniture being shipped would fit into the apartment. Once the floor layouts were completed, we made a list of the new items we felt the spaces needed to pull everything together. We sourced for all the items and when the furniture finally arrived we arranged the all-important styling day!


Check out the pictures below!

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