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Pebble Bay 

Condominium Two

We created an eclectic yet calming home for these new home owners!


Brief: to transform this dark lifeless unit into a calming eclectic sanctuary for our new home owners.


Services engaged: interior decorating and styling plus kitchen & bathroom design.


Spaces transformed: living dining, balcony, powder room, kitchen, study, master bedroom, kid''s bedrooms and bathrooms.


What we sourced: sofas, dining table, dining chairs, sideboards, table lamps, decorative ceiling lights, mirrors, stools, plants, outdoor furniture, beds, bedside table, kid’s décor, bedding and accessories.


Bespoke soft furnishings: throw pillows and curtains.


Bespoke furniture pieces: dressing table, revamped existing sideboard and bookcase with chalk paint.


How we worked: our client had lots of existing furniture and an artwork collection that they wanted to incorporate into their new home however they felt the furniture pieces were too dark and the artwork was too colourful as they now wanted a space that had a more calming vibe. We helped them to repurpose some furniture with chalk paint, in a beautiful grey that now make the pieces feel very calm. The colour palette of the home was kept very neutral for the calming vibe our clients requested with pops of blues, oranges and red (the colours sound very bold) however if used correctly they can still work to create a calm atmosphere as you will see from the photos.


Check out the photos below!

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