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"Creating spaces that promote well-being"

“Thank you for putting yourself into my shoes and understanding my lifestyle needs both practically and from a design perspective. Thank you for beautifying my home!” – Mrs. X. Caspian Condominium

My name is Priya Naik, and I believe in helping others to feel at home. It is important for you to enjoy the spaces you often occupy, whether that is your home, office, or retail space. I am passionate about creating stylish but practical spaces that promote well-being, serenity, and a sense of home.

In this first blog post, I will introduce myself and my design philosophy. Moving forward, this blog will bring you on the design journey, and will help you see the process in creating positive spaces as I share insights, designs, and stories. I hope to display the dual functionality of space: beauty and purpose, and how they work together to create a calmer mind.

I often tell my clients about the power of positive design in affecting a person’s outlook, and this has been backed by evidence-based design and environmental psychology. Choices in color, form, shape, and layout can have a direct impact on your stress levels and mood. Poor design choices can leave you feeling anxious or seem threatening to newcomers (Source).

“The magical touch of interior design can effectively counter these adverse mood effects. Regarded as a delicate, contemporaneous art form, interior design elevates homeowners’ levels of relaxation as it breathes life and energy into home structures and spaces… The goal is not limited to concocting living spaces that stand out to the eyes, but is extended to creating a sanctuary as envisioned by the homeowner, a haven that pleases, satisfies and ultimately relaxes” (Source).

In my experiences, I have found all of this to be true for both myself and my clients. Having worked for both small and large design firms over the last seven years in Singapore, I have led the whole design process, from concept design and space planning to sourcing and styling. I even bought a home in Singapore myself a few years ago, and had the exciting opportunity to create my own serene space at home. My experiences at work and in designing my own home affirmed for me that I wanted to create this for other home owners and renters.

Coming from the United Kingdom, my Interior Design & Decoration style is a more westernized concept of loose furnishings rather than built-in items, which are more often the norm here in Singapore. I also like to mix that western style with Asian elements, such as lattice Chinese screens, lacquered furniture and accessories, tropical colors, and silk fabrics.

Whether you are new to Singapore or a veteran expat, I have been where you are, I have done this process, and I love helping people to create their ideal homes in a way that is convenient, reliable, and enjoyable for them.

“With my house, I didn't have time nor the eye to source for things that would make my house look good, and that's exactly what Priya did for me! She was very respectful of my preferences and patiently sourced the items for me, all this in less than 2 weeks. Under her styling, my home looks great and I'm loving every inch of it! Kudos to her, and I will definitely recommend her!” – Ms. D Saw. Pinewood Gardens Condominium

I love creating atmospheric spaces that promote your well-being, keep you calm and at ease, and ultimately enable you to better achieve your daily tasks and goals in a smoother, faster and calmer manner. This is my design story, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Follow the Interior Design Journey with me here... Let's get decorating and improve our well-being together!

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