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I believe in the power of colour to completely revitalize and improve a space. In each space I design, I strive for the perfect balance of warm and cool colours in order to create a stylish space that simultaneously creates an environment suitable for the function of the room.

For example, cool colours in excess can seem cold and uninviting. White evokes a feeling of cleanliness and purity, but in excess feels overly- sanitized and foreboding. Warm colors bring pop, energy, and charisma to a room, but can make a space feel stressful or frantic if overused.

In fact, cool colours are shown to lower blood pressure and reduce your heart rate, but warm colours can energise and feel powerful (Source). Achieving such a balance within the accent pieces can promote a sense of well-being, serenity, and liveliness.

One example, pictured above, is a living space which initially felt cold and uninviting with the black furniture and white walls. For the living room makeover, I changed the layout of the furniture, moving the chair into the far end of the room, which completely opened up the space, and moved the lamp into the corner to stop it dividing up the living and dining space (as the unit is compact, it was important to keep the spaces flowing).

We changed the white ceiling lights to gorgeous decorative lights with yellow bulbs, and my signature faux silk chain sock for that extra touch of glamour. In addition, I added some pillows, artwork, accessories, curtain tiebacks, flowers, and a Chinese ladder. Throughout the design process, I added in pops of green and orange in various textures, such as linen, glass, wood, rattan, faux silk, jute, shells, and mother of pearl. Texture and colour are very important for any space, it creates interest and adds warmth.

I wanted to create an inviting entry for my clients when they return home after a long day at work, so I added a console at the entry with accessories, artwork, a lantern, rattan chests, and a Chinese stool.

The dining area now feels very cosy and inviting with a new mirror, feature light, table runner, and candles – perfect for entertaining family and friends! A feature wall was created in the hallway by placing lanterns with coloured candles to add further interest.

Though the majority of these changes are quite small, they were all incredibly impactful, especially those changes that helped the apartment feel far more warm and inviting than it had previously. And the client was very pleased with the results! She said “Priya is warm, friendly and has a fantastic eye for finding the perfect pieces to fit your style. We are so happy with how our place turned out, I wish I could do it all over again!”

It was a joy to envision this space together, and piece together the perfect home for her! I look forward to helping more homes to be as stylish, inviting, and relaxing as my clients deserve.

Live Well & Feel Great!

Priya (Founder/Design Director)

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