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A New Year + A New Space = A New You

It’s the New Year. And that probably means that you, like the rest of us, had some New Year’s resolutions coming into 2016.

Anyone who’s ever had a resolution knows that sticking to new habits can be hard, especially when the other aspects of your life – stress at work, the maintenance of your home, your relationships – have stayed remarkably the same. So how does one keep the enthusiasm to start eating better, quit smoking, or start your own business?

Well, a new space helps. Or more accurately, a new look in an old space. Research has shown that one of the most important factors in allowing an employee to focus is their physical environment. A space that is well-designed can increase your productivity about 20% (Source). Factors in this include lighting (dark spaces make people sleepy and unmotivated), colour, temperatures, and even access to nature can affect a person’s desire to keep committed to their goals.

It is difficult to break bad habits in a space that feels the same. Besides the more obvious benefits of creating a better organised and more pleasing space, a new design can actually help shift your brain to make you more motivated and better able to hold on to those changes you decided to focus on in 2016.

The Fernhill Condominium is one such example of some big changes, where we gave a makeover to the entry, living, and dining areas. In the entry, we added in some artwork which gives a sneak preview of the colour scheme for the living and dining areas.



Before the re-design, the dining area felt rather dark and gloomy, and was not conducive for either work or play. To improve the space, we repurposed the dining shelving unit into a TV console and moved it into the living area.

We then replaced the dark dining table and chairs with a glass top dining table that instantly makes the space feel lighter, combined with stunning lattice back blue chairs.

A sideboard selected to match the rug created much needed storage space, while we injected colour through the custom painted artwork based on Interior Design Journeys proposed concept, and blue glass lamps which add cosyness to the room. The sideboard was finished off with accessories in various textures from mother of pearl, glass, rattan and metal. A table runner, white washed wooden platters and a mother of pearl mirror complete the look.





As for the living area, the repurposed TV console was dressed with a table runner and some fabulous accessories. The existing furniture was moved around to create more space, and the tall cabinet was turned to face the living space while we styled the interior and added a trio of gorgeous vases on top. A floor lamp made the space more cosy, and then we added some accessories – amazing throw pillows to add more interest to the brown leather sofas, and a dressed back wall with accessories to bring extra colour and texture to the space.

Thankfully, we’re not the only ones who are happy with this new look. The owner said "We hired Priya to help us make our apartment feel more comfortable and cozy. We'd been living in a white-walled condo for years and we'd been unsuccessful with our own attempts. After just one meeting with Priya, she knew what we wanted and she delivered... She was an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to our next project with her. As my daughter so accurately said: My home sweet home.“

Home sweet home, indeed.

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