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How to make your new Singapore house a home!

So you have just disembarked the plane to begin your exciting new adventures in Singapore. Your new home is a wonderful country but, like any move, it is a big adjustment with a new culture, climate and opportunities. It can all be very over-whelming.

One thing that can relax you after a crazy day of navigating Singapore life is having a tranquil and comforting haven to come home to. When you are busy starting a new job, getting the kids settled into school, finding a great place to get coffee, sourcing the best supermarket and finding new friends, do not forget the most important thing – your home. This is not just about its location, size and nearby amenities but whether it a sanctuary you enjoy spending time in. Is it somewhere you want to come home to after a stressful day? If you sit on your sofa (or floor if you don’t have one!) and feel anxious with the clutter (or sparseness) around you, or irritated by how your living room or bedroom makes you feel, then it is time to do something about it.

Some expats arrive with just their suitcases; others have furniture that does not seem to fit into their new abode; or they have all their belongings around them but just don’t feel relaxed and settled. Whatever the scenario, taking the time to make your house a home is a worthy investment (speaking from a personal experience of having moved to Singapore 9 years ago), however long you are planning to stay and whether it is rented or not.

You may think that making a rented property into a home you adore is a waste but don’t forget that you are living away from your home country and from all you know and love. Why not create a haven that makes you and your family feel really happy whilst you live away?

Using simple accessories, buying new furniture or even styling your existing furnishings can transform your home and make a huge difference to your happiness. These positive feelings will help you settle far quicker into Singapore life. With a fabulous selection of furniture, fabrics, ornaments and soft furnishings, the little red dot provides a mix of Eastern and Western influences that can totally transform any space.

Converting your rental home into a comfortable place, even if your move is only temporary, is important in helping you transition. Creating the perfect sanctuary that you and your family will love will boost your well-being and help you all to feel relaxed and settled in no time.

Whichever resources you decide to reach for, with a little bit of change and a personal touch, your home has the potential to be the perfect space for you!

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