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How can Interior Decorating improve your well-being?

We all lead hectic lives juggling family, work, friends and commitments, which can become very stressful. Many of us find healthy ways to release that pressure by exercising but after pounding it out on the treadmill, do you come home to chaos which raises those anxiety levels again? If your home environment mirrors your inner disarray, no matter how much your physical high from a workout is, you will get an instant mental low. Your home should be an inviting space that allows you to feel calm and re-energised.

Everything we come into contact with affects us. Our environment influences our mood, productivity, energy levels and attitude, therefore, it is vital that you live in a space you love and makes you feel relaxed. One thing you can change is your home environment which is why Interior Design Journey believes interior decorating plays such an important role in your productivity, health and well-being.

(pictured above is a rental home where we planned a condo move for our client followed by styling all existing furnishings, getting them quickly settled into their new home)

Along with our physical health, we should also enhance our mental and emotional well-being. Here are some simple changes for your home that will really boost your overall quality of life.

Relaxing environment

Choosing the right home furnishings, textures and colours is key to promoting your comfort and relaxation. Interior Decorators will work with you to make good decisions on these – whether new items or incorporating the things that you already have and adore. Surrounding yourself with things you love will boost your mood. Whether you are a busy professional or an active family, your home should be crafted to accommodate all your needs. Once you have the correct elements around you, placed in a functional way and using those fabulous colours and textures, you can create a perfect relaxing environment.

Improving organisation

Often we do not have the time, space or furniture to be organised. Today, there are so many creative storage solutions, you don’t need to be tripping over things and you can have a place for everything. Also, don’t stress if you have a small space, there are plenty of ways to arrange your belongings to make it streamline and homely - size really does not matter!

Having a functional space

You need a design that works for you or your family. A good decorator will understand your lifestyle and create bespoke solutions for it. Do you work from home, have a young family or love to entertain? Look at how each of these aspects affect the way you live and plan accordingly. For example, flexible seating options to accommodate extra guests or a stylish sitting room that can combine an office area. Interior Design Journey believes good design is not just beautiful, it should also be functional.

Great lighting

Light, especially natural, can influence moods and has even been known to mitigate depressive symptoms. Living in a dark space can have negative impacts, so work out the best way to brighten and lighten your home.

Before you embark on your design journey, think about how your home feels to you and the emotions it creates.

  • How does a room make you feel when you enter it?

  • Are textures soft in restful areas (i.e. living room or bedroom) and sharp in areas of focus (i.e. office)?

  • Why did you choose the colour of the room’s accents such as cushions, artwork, accessories or lamps?

There are an enormous range of colours, feelings, and functionalities for your home, all of which affect your happiness. Don’t forget to tend to your emotional and mental well-being with some fun interior decorating, alongside your physical health.

At Interior Design Journey, we are passionate about improving well-being with the art of interior decoration and styling. Our clients have told us about the positive impacts they have experienced after engaging our services. For example, 95% felt more settled, 81% happier, 57% more relaxed, 43% experienced reduced stress levels. We are delighted with these results that show we are helping to improve lifestyles.

Below is just one of the testimonials (more can be found on our website, Houzz or Facebook):

“We have had a fantastic experience with IDJ. Priya was very good at listening to our wants and needs as a family and translating them into spaces that are relaxing, homely, practical and gorgeous. I would highly recommend IDJ.”

Live Well & Feel Great!


"Creating spaces that promote well-being"

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