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Condominium Two


Dream Home for busy executives who love to travel!


Brief: create a dream home which reflects the clients personalities and love for travel, movies in the new apartment they had just purchased.


Spaces transformed: living, dining, balcony, master bedroom, study, guestroom and bathrooms.

Services engaged: interior decorating and styling.

What we sourced: sofa, armchair, ottoman, coffee table, bar cart, sideboard, shelves, lamps, mirrors, outdoor furniture, office furniture, ladder, bedside tables, desk, desk chairs, rugs, throw pillows, plants, accessories, bay window cushions and curtains.

Bespoke soft furnishings: bay window cushions, curtains and throw pillows.

How we worked: the process began by assessing our clients existing furniture which was located at the existing apartment they were residing in. We planned the spaces in the new apartment our client had purchased taking into consideration the key items they wished to keep for example the beds, dressers and artwork. We then selected some fab paint colours, wallpapers and fabrics for the base concept of each room. This was then followed by sourcing for all the new furniture pieces, soft furnishings and accessories. They client is super happy with the home created for them by IDJ!


Check out the pictures below!

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