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Villa Delle Rose


A well needed refresh of spaces that left our client feeling happier!


Brief: to incorporate more storage and utilise the spaces better.


Services engaged: interior decorating and styling.


Spaces transformed: entry, living, dining, patio and master bedroom.


What we sourced: sofa, TV console, sideboards, bookshelf, rugs, table lamps, dressing chair, mirrors, plants, artwork, throw pillows and accessories.


Bespoke soft furnishings: throw pillows.


Bespoke furniture pieces: dressing table, revamped existing entry console with chalk paint.


How we worked: we started by space planning the areas to incorporate the storage our client needed. There were some furniture pieces are clients still liked therefore they were incorporated into the design plan. We then sourced for all the new furnishings and accessories that would add some life to the space with various colours and textures. Our client is thrilled with the results!


Check out the photos below!

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