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Creating Spaces for Well-Being in Unsettling Times

With the impact of coronavirus causing global chaos, we are all being forced to spend most, if not all, of our time at home; a home that needs to provide a calm and stress-free environment during this challenging period. With more opportunity to make some changes in your house or apartment, why not think about a mini or full-blown makeover to spruce things up!

This can be as simple as adding a few candles – my favourite brand being the refreshing and calm inducing scents of Temple Candles – or some lush plants and flowers (fresh or faux). Alternatively, you could also do a complete clear-out or even add a splash of colour! Either way, we’ve got some tips and advice to help you instil that state of much-needed tranquillity in your home.

Enhance your mood

The way you decorate your space influences your emotions, perceptions, energy levels and

attitude (83% of our clients felt happier and 86% more settled after a home makeover), so it's essential to create a clean and organised home to reduce anxiety. Re-arranging cluttered drawers and spring cleaning your cupboards is not only cleansing, but you may even find some lost treasures and memories to brighten your day – and ones that can also be used in your makeover!

Natural boosters

Introducing some relaxing scents and thriving plants add a soothing touch. With real plants releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, they not only freshen the air but also eliminate harmful toxins. Studies prove that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels and boost your mood. If you don’t have green fingers, like me, I absolutely love faux plants/flowers, as they still give you that much needed boost without the maintenance — they are the perfect addition to your home in these unsettling times!

Colour me happy

Also, there is a relationship between colour and how we feel, by introducing colours that complement the tone you would like to create in the space makes a huge difference to the ambience. For example, red symbolises power and passion and affects us physically. It can be used to warm-up areas and make them feel more intimate; green is known for its soothing qualities as it balances harmony and colour, hence the importance of plants. Blue perpetuates feelings of calm and freshness, and affects our intellect, making it a good fit for high traffic or common areas like living/dining spaces, study, kitchens and bathrooms.

Make that move

For a more complete makeover, do what we do at IDJ and repurpose existing furnishings. You don't always need to buy new furniture, merely repositioning items in a space or moving them to another room in your home can change a look without spending money! With a bit more time on your hands, maybe upcycle pieces with a repaint or recover, for example. An unloved table can be transformed easily into looking like new with a simple brush of colour, or a bowl or plate that has been stored away can be re-displayed to refresh a space.

There are lots of straightforward ways for you to create a calming oasis in your home. However, if you do need some additional help, then let us know, and we can provide our expert advice – either in person or via our new online interior design consultations for your convenience. We are here to support you every step of the way, please do reach out at


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